Safety Precautions

Make sure that your physical, emotional, psychological state allows you to exercise at the moment for you.
Carefully prepare your place for class. Make sure there are no disturbances or distractions around you.
Provide yourself with an accompaniment (partner, trainer, assistant) to complete the exercise.
Make sure that your support is a chair (which does not have wheels) on which you will perform the exercise as conveniently as possible, it is installed securely, does not have any breakages, damage, corresponds to your weight and height.
Make sure your “A POLE" is built correctly and securely.
If you have a folding Trainer, lock the lock, hang the lock on the lock for reliability the lock is not included in the package.
The installation of the upper crossbar is individual. The installation corresponds to your growth, arm length, physiological state of your joints, muscles, body as a whole.
Be careful and focus on doing the exercise. Before use, see instructions for use.
Use the “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher only for its intended purpose. The “A POLE" Magic Back Stretcher is not a toy; you cannot use the Magic Back Stretcher for games.
After using the “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher,, assemble it and set it aside in a safe place, away from heaters, open flames, and places with high humidity.

Follow the instructions when doing the exercise.

The manufacturer and seller are not responsible for the improper use of the “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher, non-compliance with contraindications and recommendations for use specified in the instructions.