Fake Replicas

Beware of fakes. 

The company is the only manufacturer of the Magic Back Stretcher “A POLE”, its products are already trying to copy dubious manufacturers. For the production of such a simulator, costs that such manufacturers cannot and do not want to bear. As a result, cheap, dangerous fakes appear on the market. The low cost of counterfeiting in comparison with the original is obtained due to the lack of certificates and patents. Such a product is an imitation of the basic characteristics similar to the original, plus non-compliance with production technology. Counterfeiting does not always correspond to the declared characteristics.
All copyrights for the product and logo are protected and registered in 150 countries of the world. Copying and manufacturing of the simulator in any form and form is prohibited without the written permission of the patent holder.

Disappointment lasts longer than the pleasure of a low price.

The Magic Back Stretcher “A POLE” is a smoothly curved rod, which is made of different natural types of wood and other durable materials.

There is an option to select the material (pine, cherry, oak, etc.) for the order. There is an option for a folding trainer. The device has a strictly verified shape in the form of a spine, calculated by a special computer program; the slightest violation of the form can harm your body. On one side of the product you will see the logo “A POLE” with a stretching panther and the specified website, as well as the HAND MADE IN USA sticker.

Our company is the only manufacturer in the world Magic Back Stretcher “A POLE”. Patents and copyrights also belong only to our company. The Magic Back Stretcher is exclusive and is sold only on our website.


If you purchased an “A POLE” device other than the original, please

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