In regards to the device:

I have personally used this device. The sensations that I have experienced are; Stretching of all the posterior back/neck muscles/muscles of the thorax/the diaphragm and all muscles in the arms (ranging from hand to shoulder).

Besides the muscles, I have personally experienced my spine elongating and ribs moving easier during breathing. With the proper prescription/monitoring of a training regiment and supervision by a qualified/certified healthcare professional, when used correctly and safely, this device may promote improvements in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system with potential positive translation to other systems of the body.

Feb 14, 2019

Michael A. Polejaev PT, DPT.

Alexander Sydney, 63 years old, height 195 cm. Weight 100 kg.

A year ago, 62 years old, height 190 cm. Weight 125 kg.

The need for spinal surgery, stoop, spinal hernia. Everything

Description on the medical card of the hospital. Believe it or not on

today I'm fine thanks to the amazing A POLE simulator

in one year my life changed, my back pains were released, I can calmly

climb stairs, at the end of the last 40 years I can sleep on my back.

I have been doing it for 5 minutes to this day. twice daily in the morning and evening.

The only restriction is to do everything according to the instructions. Do and be healthy.

Alexander Sydney

Day: 25/03/2019

My name is Yvette Safaryan, my work is related to older people, which

associated with great physical exertion on the spine, shoulder joint,

elbow joint, hip joint, knee joint. Everyday activities

affected my physical body. Constant pain in the back, neck,

dizziness, swelling of veins in the lower extremities, did not give me fully

live. In end 2018, were invited to try

use your invention, a simulator for pain relief, muscle relaxation,

ligaments and decompression of the spinal column "A POLE".

With minimal waste of time I got the maximum effect

using the "A POLE" exercise machine. Everyday exercises on the simulator, in the morning -

in the evening for 2-3 minutes, changed my life, I felt the changes that

started to happen to me. Gradually straightened shoulders, unloaded

lower back, improved breathing, straightened back, headaches gone,

more energy has appeared. In almost two weeks I became a different person, I

became more flexible and mobile, stresses are gone, because any discomfort, pain is

already stress for the body.

I thank Ilona and Alexander for giving me the opportunity

Use this unique simulator. Now I do not part with him almost the whole

a year, I use the "A POLE" simulator every day, my health is in my hands.


Day: 15/01/2019


I am Vyacheslav Korotinsky a professional tractor driver, for many years of work at

I began to feel regular pain in my backs due to long sitting behind the wheel

over long distances. In 2018 offered to try use your

invention, simulator for pain relief, muscle relaxation, ligaments and decompression

spinal column "APOLE".

Having tried the simulator for the first time under the guidance of Alexander, I felt a little

relief in the lumbar region, this indicated that the simulator was working, I felt

relaxation in the back. Following instructions, proper use

a simulator, from Ilona I began to carry a simulator with me in the car, if necessary

perform exercises on the simulator to stretch the muscles and ligaments of the vertebral

pillar. Every day I began to feel better, back pain from everyday

tensions have stopped.

I became more diligent, attentive, I was not distracted by back pain, appeared

feeling of lightness in the neck, arms. My work brings me pleasure

because I feel good thanks to the “A POLE” simulator.

Vyacheslav Korotinsky

Day: 3/20/2019

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Len Shokh and I am a builder by trade. A few years ago I began to feel pain and

discomfort in my back. In February of 2018 Alexandr Pole recommended that I try his invention,

a piece of equipment which stretches your back and works to improve your spine. I used this

equipment under his supervision for the first time and immediately began to feel relief in my

lower back. After receiving instruction on proper use of this equipment I began daily therapy

on myself. Pain and discomfort subsided with continued daily use. I feel great.

As of today, February 6, 2019,


Len Shokh