All products of our company are guaranteed for 30 days. Damage (obvious scratches, broken corners, defects in finish during transportation) must be reported within 2 days from the date of delivery to the consumer. Our company will repair or replace product. Any claims received subsequently will be automatically rejected.
The warranty does not cover any damage caused by fire, negligence, inappropriate use and damage caused by commercial use.

Restocking fees up to 20% may apply on open package.

If your product requires warranty service, contact the company where you purchased the “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher. After receiving a service request, the company will consider your service request and eliminate defects if they do not contradict the conditions guarantees. We guarantee to repair the warranty product, if possible, or replace it with the same purchased by the buyer, with the possibility of receiving another modification of the Magic Back Stretcher for an additional payment. The warranty is valid for 30 days from the date of delivery to the buyer. (For an additional payment of $60, you can purchase a warranty for 1 year). The warranty is not transferable to other persons.

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The warranty does not apply to:

  • Improper use of the “A POLE"
  • Exposure to the Magic Back Stretcher of any liquids, drugs, food, cleaning agents, paints, alcohol, solvents, and anything that can give a chemical reaction.
  • Exposure to the Magic Back Stretcher in direct sunlight, moisture (mold)
  • Damage caused by shock or accident
  • Damage to the Magic Back Stretcher from pets
  • Independent attempts to repair or modify the Magic Back Stretcher

The warranty applies only to the product - “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher, for which there is a claim. For evaluation, you will need a detailed description of the problem and detailed photographs.

The complaint should be addressed to the seller from whom you purchased the product; you must also provide the original receipt for the purchase of the Magic Back Stretcher. Indicate your name, surname, address, phone, email, order number.


Too humid or dry air can adversely affect your “A POLE”.

Do not place your machine near heaters, radiators, or other sources of heat.

To care for the machine, use only distilled water with neutral soap.

Wipe with a clean white soft cloth without applying pressure.

The Magic Back Stretcher is designed for a person's weight up to 350 lb or you can make a special order .

For very tall or heavy people, we recommend ordering a special “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher that will fit your parameters.

For this reason, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions for using the “A POLE” Magic Back Stretcher.

The Magic Back Stretcher “A POLE” is made of natural wood and other materials.

You may notice differences in color shades between your new treadmill and the sample shown before purchase.

We cannot guarantee absolute uniformity of fibers and color of the product.

The structure of the tree is natural.

Natural wood characteristics, such as knots and other natural color and structural differences, may be present on your product; these characteristics are not grounds for complaint.

We can change your policy at any day without notes.